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New Homebuyer Fund Offers Up to €50,000 Discount for First-Time Buyers

Learn how the new National Homebuyer Fund assists first-time buyers with a substantial discount on their first home purchase and the conditions attached to it.

A Boost for First-Time Buyers: Up to €50,000 Discount with the National Homebuyer Fund

After this summer, first-time buyers in the real estate market will receive a significant boost thanks to the new National Homebuyer Fund. This initiative offers them the opportunity for a discount of up to €50,000 on the purchase of their first home, subject to certain conditions.

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Collaboration Between Government and Developers

The real estate market is more challenging than ever for first-time buyers. Recent studies have shown that purchasing a first home has not been this difficult in the last forty years. To address this issue, the government is introducing the Homebuyer Fund, starting with a budget of €70 million, supplemented by contributions from developers and local governments.

Qualification Criteria for the Purchase Discount

First-time buyers looking to utilize the fund can receive up to €50,000 off the purchase price of their new home. To qualify, the home must not cost more than €390,000 and must be a new construction. Additionally, the discount is available to buyers who earn no more than twice the median income.

Implementation and Future Developments

The Homebuyer Fund is designed to ease access to homeownership for first-time buyers, with the discount to be repaid upon the sale of the home. Minister Hugo de Jonge has expressed his ambition to get the fund operational this year, although a specific start date has yet to be determined. The focus is on new constructions, which means the first homes under this scheme will only become available more than a year from now.

By facilitating this financial support, the government hopes to play an active role in making the real estate market more accessible for new buyers and thus alleviate the pressure on the housing market.

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