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Dream House in Spain with the Equity of Your Mortgage

Discover how you can buy a beautiful second home in Spain with the equity of your mortgage.

Dream House in Spain

Do you want to know if you can use the equity from your house in the Netherlands to buy a second home in Spain? Perhaps it's your dream to buy your own home in a place like Valencia?

You're not alone…

More and more Dutch people wish to buy a second home in Spain. Due to the great climate, friendly people, and delightful surroundings. Do you have a dream place where you would like to live? There is surely a Dutch real estate agent nearby who can help you find your ideal home.

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Why Do You Want to Buy Such a House?

Maybe you want to buy a house to live in yourself. Or perhaps you want to use it for rental purposes, generating additional income. The possibilities are endless. How do you finance it?

  • With your own money. If you have saved or invested, you can use that to buy your house.
  • Do you own a house in the Netherlands? With a mortgage? There is probably a significant amount of equity in it, especially if you bought the house some time ago. If, for example, you can borrow an extra 200,000 euros through the mortgage in the Netherlands, you can use that to buy your house. That saves you from using your savings.

Mortgage Advisor Thinks Along with You

Your mortgage advisor can calculate how much you can increase the mortgage on your own house in the Netherlands to free up extra money for your dream house. You then make an extra return on your money, especially if you use the property for rental income. What do you need to buy your Spanish villa under the sun?

  • A Dutch-speaking mortgage advisor in the Netherlands;
  • A Dutch-speaking lawyer with knowledge of the Spanish market and knowledge of Dutch and Spanish taxes.
  • A real estate agent who knows the region where your dream house is located.

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