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The Versatility of a Real Estate Limited Partnership: From Investment to Inheritance

Explore how a real estate limited partnership can serve as a flexible tool for real estate investments and tax-optimized asset transfer to future generations.

Introduction to the Real Estate Limited Partnership

A real estate limited partnership (CV) is a strategic entity used for purchasing, managing, and selling real estate. This vehicle offers various advantages to property owners and investors, from asset management to tax optimization.

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Purchasing and Managing Real Estate

As a property owner, you can establish a real estate CV to manage and rent out properties. This structure is particularly suitable for attracting investors who provide funding for real estate purchases. In a typical scenario, a property worth €500,000 can be financed by issuing 100 shares at €5,000 each to silent partners. These partners, who invest in the CV, become direct economic owners of a portion of the rental income, based on the number of shares acquired.

Economic Ownership and Rental Income

The rental income from a property, after deducting maintenance and management costs, is distributed among the partners proportionate to their participation. Each share represents a percentage of the economic ownership of the property, with all participants together forming the whole.

Flexibility in Buying and Selling Properties

Using a real estate CV allows you to buy and sell properties unlimitedly. This is made possible by transferring the economic ownership of the properties through the issuance of shares, creating a flexible and scalable investment structure.

Role and Revenue Model of the Managing Partner

As the managing partner of the CV, you determine rental prices, select tenants, and manage property sales. The profit from these sales is shared with the silent partners, where you receive a pre-agreed portion of the sales profit as compensation.

Estate Planning: Gifting Real Estate Shares

A real estate CV can also serve as a tool for estate planning. You can gift shares of real estate to your children, effectively transferring economic ownership. This reduces potential inheritance tax, as gifted assets are excluded from the estate.

No Gift and Inheritance Tax

When gifting real estate shares, you pay transfer tax, but thanks to the concurrency regulation, this amount can be offset against the gift tax, meaning no additional tax needs to be paid. This makes it an effective way to transfer assets tax-efficiently without incurring additional taxes.

Thus, the real estate CV not only offers opportunities for managing and financing property but also for strategically planning your estate.

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