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Insights on Rental Renovation Disputes from a Recent Judicial Ruling

Explore key lessons from the latest ruling by the Haarlem Kantonrechter, offering a precedent for landlords on aligning renovation proposals with sustainable housing policies.

Judicial Insights into the Fairness of Renovation Proposals in Rental Law

On July 19, 2023, the Haarlem Kantonrechter within the North Holland District Court delivered a significant decision concerning a dispute between a tenant and landlord over a renovation proposal. This case is pivotal for property owners contemplating similar upgrades to their rental properties.

Case Background

The dispute arose when a tenant opposed the landlord's renovation plan, prompting a judicial assessment of the proposal's fairness. Despite the majority of tenants accepting the energy-saving measures proposed, the contesting tenant failed to prove that their acceptance was coerced.

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Judicial Findings on the Proposal’s Reasonableness

The court found that with over 70% of tenants in agreement, the proposal was presumed reasonable. The objecting tenant was unable to persuasively argue against the proposal’s fairness, despite her concerns about the new central heating system and the installation of solar panels.

Government Policy and Sustainability

Highlighting the role of the renovation within the scope of national housing policies, specifically the 'National Performance Agreements for Housing Corporations', the court recognized the renovation efforts aimed at enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. The comprehensive measures, including mechanical ventilation and solar panels, were deemed reasonable.

Guidance for Property Owners

  • Clear Communication: Effectively communicate with tenants about the benefits and details of renovation plans to reduce resistance and increase understanding.
  • Well-Substantiated Proposals: Strengthen your legal stance in disputes by aligning renovation plans with government sustainability goals.
  • Collective Agreement: Aiming for collective tenant consent can smooth the renovation process and minimize legal disputes.


The ruling from the North Holland District Court underscores the necessity of crafting well-founded and reasonable renovation proposals that align with government sustainability initiatives. Property owners are advised to engage transparently with tenants and meticulously prepare renovation plans. A legally robust proposal, rooted in national policy, can prove instrumental in resolving similar disputes.

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