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Financieringsstrategieën voor de Aanschaf van Vastgoed in Spanje

Purchasing property in Spain offers both opportunities and challenges, particularly in terms of financing. Read it here.

Financing Strategies for Purchasing Property in Spain

Purchasing property in Spain offers both opportunities and challenges, particularly in terms of financing. It is crucial to choose a financing method that aligns with your financial realities and objectives. Below are various approaches you can consider:

1. Using Personal Equity

A direct way to finance a property in Spain is to use personal equity from your business. While this is quick and effective, do not forget to assess the tax implications.

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2. Mortgage Increase

You might consider increasing the mortgage on your home in the Netherlands to arrange financing for your Spanish real estate. This can be tax-advantageous, depending on your personal situation.

3. Financing Through Family

An alternative is for family members, such as your children, to purchase the property with a donation or loan from you. This can be strategic for asset management and estate planning.

4. Establishing a Spanish SL

By establishing a Spanish Sociedad Limitada (comparable to the Dutch BV), you can enjoy legal and tax benefits when purchasing property.

5. Share Ownership

Having your children own the shares of the Spanish SL can offer tax benefits, especially for asset transfer and tax planning.

6. Spanish SL as a Subsidiary

A Spanish SL as a subsidiary of your Dutch holding company can be tax-efficient, especially for capital transfer.

7. Tax-Free Capital Contribution

The purchase price of the Spanish property can be contributed as capital to the Spanish SL by your Dutch BV without incurring taxes.

8. Combined Approaches

Combining these methods can be advantageous, depending on your financial and business situation.

Recommendation: Start an SL in Spain

It is advisable to establish an SL in Spain for business activities, regardless of your chosen financing method. This not only offers tax benefits but also a platform for business initiatives in Spain.

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