Amsterdam Lawyers collaborates with OpenConsults

Amsterdam Lawyers is partnering with OpenConsults to make legal services accessible beyond Dutch borders.

Expertise in other countries

You're conducting business across borders and encounter specific questions that your advisors in the Netherlands don't have immediate answers to:

  • Is the transfer tax deductible if I buy my Spanish property with an SL?
  • Does the Portuguese NHR scheme also apply to me?
  • The rental income from my property in Curaçao is untaxed with the SPF, but what can I freely use this income for?

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The best lawyers and tax advisors by country

Ask your questions directly to the lawyers and tax advisors in the respective country. They have the right expertise and will happily provide a clear explanation tailored to your situation and needs.

Introduction via a video consultation

Specify the country and topic you would like to discuss in a Zoom meeting with a local expert. We will introduce you so that the person you'll be having the video consultation with is prepared for your questions. The advisors at the Open Consults platform will review your query and any details you provide, select the appropriate lawyer or tax advisor in that country, and prepare the video consultation for you. The video consultation is without obligation. If desired, that expert can further assist you. You are completely free to choose.


For gathering your questions, preparing the Zoom meeting, and your introduction, Open Consults charges a fee of €150 excluding VAT

45-minute advice session with Jan-Jaap

Looking for someone to review your issue? For only €100 you get 45 minutes of advice from Jan-Jaap.

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